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Django-React is currently our favorite frontend/backend stack for developing complex applications. We have senior developers with many years of experience in each of these technologies. Check out some of our larger projects:


Amenify is a multi-family housing service platform. Residents can go into the application and order cleanings, dog walkings, and other services. The application was three sided, one portal for residents, one for providers, and one for property managers. Residents wanted to be able to book and manage services, providers needed a place to check up on bookings and property managers needed to see exactly what is happening at their property.

We built the portals in React all talking to the same Django backend. The Django backend integrated with Salesforce, multiple property management applications (Yardi, RealPage), Stripe, and other third party tools. Django had a GraphQL API and React was using React-Apollo to communicate with it and manage state.

Mindstar Books

The Mindstar books are books that are fully configurable through an online authoring environment. Every part of the book is interactive. Students can click on a word and hear it read, click on a sentence and hear it read. They can record their own version of a sentence, and watch the app read it back to them, highlighting each word as it is read. The book also displays images and videos to students as they are reading the book. For this project we also used ReactJS (with Redux) on the frontend and Django with the Rest Framework on the backend.

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