My name is Eddie Svirsky and I run QueWorx, LLC. In one way or another, I have been doing software development at startups over the past 15 years. I graduated CU Boulder in 2005 with a Computer Science major and went to work as a software developer for various startups; first, in the Denver metro area, then remotely in Minneapolis, Miami, San Francisco, and Boston. Gradually, I moved up in my career from developer to senior developer, to lead dev, and engineering manager. At some point I co-founded a multi-family tech startup and was running software development there building a complicated 2 sided marketplace with a team of engineers.

Throughout my career I have noticed that startups frequently make the same mistakes when it comes to software engineering. They are overbuilding, paying expensive agencies to build the wrong thing, writing and re-writing the same application multiple times, and generally spending their resources extremely inefficiently. It is my goal to have QueWorx help small companies and startups navigate the complex world of software development.

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