We can help with custom software development, dedicated teams, and outstaffing

Custom Software Development

Web Application Development

We have a long history of building large scalable applications from scratch. We have worked with web apps that are behind a load-balancer, stretched out across multiple servers; as well as with small simple apps that serve a few users.

Mobile Application Development

We have built and deployed multiple mobile applications into the app store. React Native and Expo allow us to quickly create beautiful apps for both IOS and Android.

Data Scraping and Analytics

Some of our projects involved mass data scraping and analytics from Social Media sites. As well as collection and machine learning on very large quantities of stock market data.

APIs and Integration

We have integrated with various APIs. From stock market and trading integrations with DTN Instruments and Interactive Brokers, to PM software integrations with Yardi Voyager and RealPage, we can integrate with APIs quickly.

Dedicated Teams

We will work with you to create a dedicated development team with a project manager for ongoing projects. This team will only work on your project.

Right Team For You

The team is built specifically for your project. The right combination of knowledge and experience level to maximize productivity and minimize costs.


Based on the arrangement, we can completely manage your team. You would just have to tell the project manager what you would like to have built.


Adjust the size of the team as needed throughout the project, we'll handle recruitment and staffing.


If you already have a team and management in house, but need a specific specialist or want to increase the size of your current team, we can help with that as well.

Highly Qualified

We have a strong recruitment process in place and can recruit highly qualified software developers.

Time Saving

Finding and screening software developers is a time consuming and difficult process, we have the experience and process to handle it for you.


We take care of recruitment, so just like with a dedicated team, you will have the ability to increase or decrease resources as needed.

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