Sending Emails Using asyncio and aiohttp From a Django Application

Hi everyone! I develop and support the notification service at The service is written in Python3 and Django. In addition to transactional emails, push notifications, and messages, the service also takes care of mass emailing of marketing offers (not spam! trust me, unsubscribe works better than subscribe on our service) for users who have […]

How Web Applications Work

This is an article for beginner developers and those who want to get a little more familiar with the terms and technologies of modernweb applications. The article describes how web applications differ from websites, what types of web applications exist, what they consist of,and how they work. 1. How web applications differ from websites For […]

React-admin and Django Rest Framework

Having recently stumbled upon an article about react-admin, I decided to try and see what kind of beast it is. It was interesting to attach it to Django, fortunately there was a data provider for the Rest Framework. But first you need to present the admin in the form of an API. In theory, this […]

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